SKO UNO was founded by Kenneth Längerberg in 1974 and opened it's first store on Norrlandsgatan that same year, 

The first store on Gamla Brogatan was opened in 1076 and moved to the current adress in 1979. Today SKO UNO is owned and operated by Micc Denim Agency and we could not be more proud. SKO UNO introduced a vast amount of trends in the footwear world and had it's prime during the 90s when there were 5 stores in Stockholm. Today SKO UNo is a legendary and unique store. A trip to Stockholm is not complete without setting your foot in the store at Gamla Brogatan 34. We have a huge assortment of Dr. Martens, Cowboy and Biker Boots and other inique footwear. We also carry leather jackets, denim and a variety of accessories that we feel fit the concept. 

Opening Hours:

MÅN-FRE: 10:00 - 18:00
LÖRDAG: 10:30 - 16:30
SÖNDAG: 12:00 - 16:00